Brown Spots In Needham, MA

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Brown Spots In Needham, MA

What Are Brown Spots?

Ever notice that even after your best efforts at protecting your skin from the sun, you can still develop brown freckling and discoloration on your skin? When certain patches of skin become darker than the surrounding area, brown spots, age spots, or hyperpigmentation can occur in a few larger spots or many smaller ones. You might recognize these as freckles. But age spots do show up on other areas besides the face, such as:
If these spots are something you struggle with, we can help. At Wave Medical Aesthetics, we provide personalized care to ensure you remain comfortable and receive the results you deserve. Get in touch to learn more about our treatments for pigmentation issues.

What Causes Brown Spots?

While the sun is the most common culprit for brown/age spots, other factors can cause hyperpigmentation to develop:
Most age spots are harmless, but if they appear suddenly, itch, tingle, or bleed, it may be time to see a doctor.


One of the most effective options for brown spot removal is the IPL PhotoFacial. This treatment is non-invasive and often doesn’t require any downtime after a session!Most sessions last 30-60 minutes – giving you time to relax and rejuvenate. Once your IPL Photofacial is finished, your skin may look slightly red in appearance, like a dissipating sunburn. That should subside in a few days, leaving behind a flawless, fresh complexion.


The best way to determine your candidacy for treatments is to schedule a consult.

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If you decide you don’t like the appearance of your brown spots, we offer IPL PhotoFacial treatments to quickly and safely fix hyperpigmentation. Treat your unwanted age spots effectively at Wave in the greater Boston area. Request an appointment online or give us a call at (339) 777-5554.

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